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Pennacook Peppers

Pennacook Peppers officially started in 2011, at our home in Virginia Beach, VA, creating the now famous Pennacook Purely Pepper Powder. However the idea behind our company took root years ago in a rocking chair on a wrap-around porch on Martha’s Vineyards’ Pennacook Avenue. During one of our “Porch Parties,” a good friend and I spoke of our desire to start a company and sell the wonderful pepper products we now offer.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many hobbies from art, to gardening, to cooking. It was my husband, Kevin, and my love of gardening that led to the overabundance of peppers that would soon turn into not only our signature Pennacook Purely Pepper Powder but also our line of Porch Party salsa’s and pepper jelly.

It’s not just heat, it’s flavor – pure and simple. The powder is a complex mix of flavors with various levels of heat without fillers such as garlic or salt that is found in many other pepper seasonings on the market. Our pepper powder runs the gamut on the Scoville Scale and even those who are usually “spice-adverse” enjoy the flavor of our products. We use a combination of several peppers ranging from the jalapeno to the habanero to provide a heat that hits all of your taste buds with just enough kick and flavor to leave you wanting more. This mixture has become our signature ingredient in all of our salsas and pepper jelly.

We began sharing our Pennacook Purely Pepper Powder as well as our Porch Party products with friends and family who urged us to begin selling our product. With encouraging words such as “there’s nothing like this on the market “ and “we use it on everything!” I decided it was time to take Pennacook Peppers to the market. I developed a business plan, found investors and gave Kevin the keys to the executive boardroom. He has been instrumental in making the dream of Pennacook Peppers come alive. I would like to make sure I give thanks to all those involved: Mary O for sharing her recipes, canning lessons, and cooking secrets, Mary-Ellen for her friendship and constant support, and all the good friends and family who encouraged us to make our porch party dreams a reality.

If you have read this far you probably share my passion for sharing unique gifts with family and friends. The Pennacook Peppers team strives to create the most unique collection of specialty pepper products around. I invite you to share in our products and your experience on our Facebook page.

Be the spice of the party!

Pennacook Peppers